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Posted by Support Team on 7/17/2017

RLS2000 would like to congratulate Kerri O'Connor, our employee of the month for June 2017. After consolidating our inside/field sales goals last month, the first to ask of anyone and their increased responsibilities was Kerri.  Providing direct customer support to those who were about to learn more or had questions about our products related to each seminar was a key part of this new process.

"Kerri not only took most of this upon herself, but she excelled above our expectations during a completely new venture that involved much more time and effort," says General Manager Tom Borish. "Without Kerri's leadership, dedication, and knowledge, we wouldn't have been as successful during the month of June."

Join us in congratulating Kerri O'Connor, our June 2017 employee of the month!


Posted by Support Team on 6/5/2017

RLS2000 would like to congratulate Jacqueline Gallagher, our employee of the month for May 2017. One of the projects rolled out last month included training employees at Elm Street Technology on how to fulfill our product line.  Jacqueline was the key to providing these employees setting up our customers for a successful experience. 

"Jacqueline's leadership and dedication to the product training was one of the most important factors of why our customers can expect such a great experience right out of the gate ," says General Manager Tom Borish. 

Join us in congratulating Jacqueline Gallagher, our May 2017 employee of the month!


Posted by Support Team on 5/3/2017


RLS2000 would like to congratulate Dylan Handy, our employee of the month for April 2017. As one of our National Sales Representatives, Dylan has helped guide our customers to success with 35 products sold for the month.  By also taking into account products sold since January 1, Dylan has been directly responsible for or assisted on 187 products.  While also speaking on behalf of Elm Street Technology during our monthly webinar sessions, Dylan has provided our customers with more knowledge to help them in the field.

"All of our customers know Dylan has been one of the voices they trust when it comes to providing helpful insight and support on all of their real estate needs.  In this age of new technology and social media, Dylan is the expert in the field ," says General Manager Tom Borish. 

Join us in congratulating Dylan Handy, our April 2017 employee of the month!


Posted by Support Team on 4/10/2017

 RLS2000 would like to congratulate Amanda Case, our employee of the month for March 2017. As our Billing Manager, Amanda took on many projects during the month which provided our customers with important updates to their accounts to continue the smooth transition within our new billing system.  Our customers know that they can always pick up a phone and talk to Amanda about any of their billing questions or concerns.  Moreover, she's provided the type of support which has put many of our customer questions at ease during this important transition.

"Amanda stepped up during this month after seeing several key initiatives that needed to take place.  Her continued support for our customers never goes unnoticed," says General Manager Tom Borish. 

Amanda, thank you for all that you do. Join us in congratulating Amanda, our March 2017 employee of the month!


 RLS2000 would like to congratulate Melinda Collins, our employee of the month for February 2017. Melinda is one of our recent hires after coming on board as our Web Producer in November.  One of the primary duties that Melinda is responsible for is producing products for our Social Pro Gold customers.  The month of February saw Melinda produce nearly 80 high-quality products while keeping the standards that our customers expect in regards to turn-around dates and support during the design process.

The month of February also saw Melinda assist in the beginning stages of our new product designs, which will be available later this quarter.

"Melinda's work ethic and desire to hold all of our products to a high standard after just a few months in the position is something we rarely see in this industry," says General Manager Tom Borish. 

Melinda, thank you for all that you do. Join us in congratulating Melinda, our February 2017 employee of the month!


RLS2000 would like to congratulate Jacqueline Gallagher, our employee of the month for January 2017. RLS2000 has been growing rapidly over the last several months, and Jacqueline has taken on a leadership role in the company during this time. She meets her responsibilities in her Marketing and Design roles while also working to establish new systems and better communications among departments as the company expands. She also continues to work hard for our clients to ensure they're happy with their products.

Over the month of January, Jacqueline's contributions stood out as she stepped up to offer coverage for key staff members and took initiative to assist in developing new processes in growing areas of the company.

"Jacqueline stepped up in a time of great need during January and showed outstanding leadership skills which helped push our initiatives forward for our clients," says General Manager Tom Borish. 

Jacqueline, thank you for all that you do. Join us in congratulating Jacqueline, our January 2017 employee of the month!

RLS2000 would like to congratulate our Employee of the Month for the month of November, 2016, Robin Breeds. Robin leads our Support department and plays a large role in the day-to-day operations at RLS2000. Robin knows our company and our customers inside and out and her insights make her an invaluable member of our team.

Robin is the main point of contact for most of our customers and represents the company as a whole on a daily basis. RLS2000 customers and employees alike hold Robin in high regard and we are happy to acknowledge all of her hard work. Over the month of November, especially, Robin extended a helping hand to not only ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction but also to support her co-workers.

“Robin is a true cornerstone here at RLS2000, our team as well as our customer base lean on her heavily for guidance and support. Her years of experience and in-depth knowledge of our products allow her to provide outstanding customer service,” says General Manager Tom Borish. “Robin is a true team player, always offering a helpful hand to her coworkers while still keeping up with her own work load."

Please offer your congratulations to Robin Breeds, our November 2016 Employee of the Month. This recognition is well deserved, thank you for all that you do for the RLS2000 team and our clients.

RLS2000 is pleased to announce Cindy Currier as our October, 2016 Employee of the Month. While Cindy wears many hats at RLS2000, her primary focuses are Product Fulfillment and Quality Assurance. Having been with the company for five years, Cindy leads our Design Team meetings and plays a key role as a liaison between our Sales team and our Design team.

Cindy works around the clock, including over most weekends (and sometimes while vacationing), proving her unwavering dedication to our company. She offers great insight and direction to her co-workers and is constantly trying to improve upon our fulfillment process. She extends a friendly welcome to our new clients, and ensures their satisfaction by reviewing their websites and blogs with a critical eye.

Over the month of October, especially, Cindy worked to make sure our operations were running at full force. "Cindy played a critical role in the deployment of our products over the last month which went above all of our expectations,” says General Manager Tom Borish. “Her attention to detail and focus showed all of us why she was deserving of this recognition."
Congratulations, Cindy. Thank you for going above and beyond for the RLS2000 team.


RLS2000 recognizes Pam Gee as our Employee of the Month for September, 2016. As our National Sales Representative, Pam is the name most of our customers immediately associate with our company. As our Social Media Specialist, Pam works tirelessly to provide agents with the educational tools they need to succeed in a digital world. Pam’s ability to form and maintain strong business relationships has helped RLS2000 flourish into the successful business we are today.

Pam’s insight and work ethic are invaluable to both our customers and our company. Pam constantly uses her expertise into the world of real estate to brainstorm ways in which our company can better service and provide for our agents. Over the past month, especially, Pam has gone above and beyond to meet the needs of our valued customers.

Pam has excelled over the past month with her leadership and customer relationship skills which has taken us to another level,” says CEO Tom Borish. “With her nearly 15 years of experience, our customers know why Pam is one of our top employees at RLS2000.com."

Congratulations, Pam. Thank you for all that you do.


RLS2000 is excited to announce our long-time employee, Michael Kramer, as our Employee of the Month for July, 2016. Michael has been with the RLS2000 Engineering Team for an astounding fifteen years. While Michael is an extremely valued employee, his hard work over the month of July deserved to be recognize specifically.

Michael consistently proves that he can handle a great deal of pressure and always has a plan in place in regard to meeting deadlines and reaching various goals. Throughout July, Michael really stepped it up over the month practicing excellent time management skills and accomplishing a long list of tasks, all while training one of our newest employees. His ability to take on these numerous responsibilities was extremely impressive and did not go unnoticed by his co-workers.

"Michael has shown once again that in crunch-time he is able to lead our Engineering Team down the right path to ensure that all of our tasks were completed on time,” says CEO Tom Borish. “He's been an invaluable team player to our company."

Michael, on behalf of the entire team at RLS2000, thank you for your hard work and continued dedication. Congratulations, Michael, as your July 2016 Employee of the Month is well deserved.

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