Announcing the New Dashboard/Reports Page from RLS2000


The New Dashboard/Reports Page & Navigation Menu in Your MLS Property Finder Account

RLS2000 is pleased to announce the release of the new dashboard/reports page in MLS Property Finder. Combining easy-to-read stats and simple, beautiful graphs, this page gives you a centralized place to see what’s happening across your RLS2000 product. Get current information about your website, listings, clients, and social media. Delve into more data with reports that show more information and different timeframes.

We have also updated the MLS Property Finder navigation menu to give it a clean, simplified look and make it easier for you to access all of the features of MLS Property Finder.

Read more details below or click here to watch a quick video overview.

These new features are accessible to you now when you log in to your MLS Property Finder account. You’ll see the new navigation menu across the top in purple. The dashboard is accessible by clicking “Home”.

Important info:

  • The dashboard/reports page is a great addition to the MLS Property Finder features you already know.
  • Use the new, simplified navigation at the top to more easily access all that MLS Property Finder has to offer.
  • This update does not affect what your clients see. Your clients’ MLS Property Finder accounts remain exactly the same.
  • Nothing has changed on the other pages of your MLS Property Finder account. View your client info, listings, or edit your profile as you did before. The pages are accessible via the new navigation menu.

Have more questions?

  • Join us on Wednesday, April 22nd for a webinar to walk through all of the features of the new dashboard/reports page and navigation menu. Register for the webinar here.

Learn more:

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Social Media Do’s

Can there be such a thing as a social media do? Yes, there can and there are. If you want to be successful at social media marketing you must learn the proper online etiquette.

But in most cases you don’t need to learn a thing because you know how to talk to people and that is all social media is; a conversation. The medium may be different but the rules are the same.

1. Respond to every post. This is simple, just like you would respond to a question, comment or email it is important that you respond to posts on social media.

2. Find a common ground. Friend, follow and hang you with people that share a common interest or goal.

3. Beware of TMI. Don’t discuss politics, religion, or your very personal information.

4. Do time your posts. Be aware that each post will fill up your friend’s or follower’s feed. Creating posts one after another is a great way to lose your audience.

5. Check your grammar. Your online posts are how you look to the world. Many people believe that if you can’t spell or use proper grammar you are unprofessional.

6. Do listen. Make sure you are listening and engaging in conversation and not talking at your audience.

7. Do be positive. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer so be positive.

8. Remember the golden rule. Simply put, treat others the way you want to be treated.

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The #1 listing agent in MLS for the past 3 years calls says MLS Property Finder is the best tool on-line

The #1 listing agent in MLS for the past 3 years calls our MLS Property Finder “The Best Real Estate Search tools available online”

With so many online home search options available, which one is the best for serious buyers?

Of all the home search tools available online, we believe MLS Property Finder beats all the others hands-down and here’s why:

The most important feature a home search website must have is up-to-date, accurate listing information. Many home buyers don’t realize that the national third party websites actually get their listings from many different sources, not from a direct MLS feed like MLS Property Finder.

Because of this, these third party sites often have duplicate listings, out-of-date and even incorrect information. We see it all the time: a buyer wants to schedule a showing for home listed on one of these sites and the home has already sold, is under contract, or was taken off the market. This causes frustration for the buyer who must now start their search all over again. Read more…

McGeough Lamacchia Realty

Proudly Serving the States of Massachusetts and New Hampshire

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What Do You Look Like Online?

“Google it” is quickly becoming a verb in the English language. As a real estate professional, your online presence is more important than ever. Ignoring your look on the internet is no longer an option.

So what do you look like when people search online for you? When a seller thinks about hiring a real estate professional to sell their home they often will search online to see how well that agent can market their own brand. In other words, they want to see what you look like online.

Here are some things they are looking for:

  • A professionally designed website
  • A easy to use property search function (IDX)
  • Listings featured prominently on the website
  • A blog with helpful real estate information
  • A strong social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Video marketing (You Tube)
  • A mobile website

Make a good impression by having an online presence you can be proud of. Click here for more information on how to get Social Pro, a complete online branding package designed just for you.

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Why You Need a Facebook Business Page

One of the most important things about sales is being where your prospective clients are and one thing for sure is they are on Facebook. Facebook says it has over 1.01 billion people users. In 2004, Facebook has 1 million users making it just about the fastest growing phenomena in the history of mankind.

Facebook has become a must-have piece of your online marketing; one that you can’t ignore. For many real estate agents, Facebook business pages and marketing can be overwhelming.  Here are some tips on how to do Facebook the right way:

1. Branding

This is nothing new; real estate marketing is all about branding and the same holds true for Facebook business pages. Have a professional looking designed page with your logos and photos displayed prominently. If you have a website or other social media channels use the same look and feel throughout. The same logo and photos should be on your signage, printed materials and any other marketing materials.

2. Make an Impression

A Facebook business page gives you the opportunity to make an impression and lots of them. Share helpful information, be the expert in your marketplace and use Facebook to do it. Facebook is not only a way to get in front of people you know on a regular basis it is also a great way to attract new potential clients by offering valuable and relevant information. Think of your Facebook posts as an item of value.

3. Post Often

The most recent data shows that a Facebook post has a shelf life of about 7 hours. So you need to post often. Consistency on Facebook is key so post weekly at a minimum, daily ideally. According to MarketingCharts, Facebook posts get half of their reach within 30 minutes of being published.

Your posts don’t need to fancy or complicated. Share information that is of interest to your audience. Local events, market reports, and photos of your area are all good choices. Post helpful real estate, money or home related articles. The content doesn’t have to always be real estate related.  A major don’t is to only post advertising and listings. People will unlike your page quickly if you don’t offer information that is of value.

4. Get “Likes”

The next step is to get people to like you. To get likes you have to promote your Facebook page. Use your Facebook URL on all of your marketing materials, in your email signature and use the “Build and Audience” function in the admin panel of your page. Encourage people to “like” your page by talking to them and even providing incentives such as random drawings.

5. Go Viral

Viral is not a disease online it is a good thing. As more and more people “like” your page, your logo makes tons of impressions each month. You can track how you are doing through the Facebook “Insights” tool. Brand recognition is what it’s all about.

6. It’s All About Marketing

If you were a seller or a buyer how would you want your real estate agent to market their business online? A seller especially will consider how you market yourself and your business as an indicator as to how well you market your properties.

Ninety-seven percent of driving age people under 30 (Generation Y) are using social media, and they now outnumber Baby Boomers. Have a professional looking page, post regularly and provide engaging content and you’ll be on your way toward getting people to truly know your brand.

Make a good impression by having a social media presence you can be proud of. Click here for more information on how to get Social Pro, a complete social media branding package designed just for you. 

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YouTube Video Tours now available for Pro Gold customers

YouTube Video Tours are now available for as little as $3.33 each.

Create a YouTube Video Tour for your listings in minutes. Our program will automatically add your listing photos, music, branded with your contact info, and publish to YouTube.

See just how easy it is to create a great YouTube video of your listing.

As an existing Pro Gold Customer, we are offering you 1 YouTube video at no cost to try and see just how easy it is to create a great YouTube video of your listing.  To get your 1 free video, simply log-in to your MLS Property Finder and then click on the YouTube Virtual Tours link within the Update menu.

Rich in SEO on YouTube

Best of all, these videos are rich with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) tags and information that will rank you high in the search engines. Each YouTube Video Tour will also link back to the detail sheet of the property on your website, offering even more opportunities for lead capture.

View our how-to video | View a sample video

Q.   Who do I contact if I have any questions about the YouTube video tours?
A.   Email us at or by phone at 508-885-2040.

Q.   I don’t have a Pro Gold Website. How can I take advantage of this?
A.   Contact our sales team or view our Pro Gold Demo today.

As always will keep you ahead of the competition. With the change in the Real Estate market it has become more and more important to have the tools offers to help you be successful in today’s market! If you have any suggestions on how we can make our products even better, let us know at

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7 Video Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today

If you haven’t jumped on the video marketing train it is time, there’s a lot of compelling evidence out there that online video marketing should be a major focus of your advertising and marketing budget. One statistic that You Tube likes to tout is that in the very near future 90% of web traffic will be video.  This may or may not be true but what we do know is that buyers and sellers search the internet and are drawn to videos. So if you’re not using video marketing, you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

Here are 7 video marketing ideas you can implement today:

1. Property Tours

Grab your camera or smartphone and take prospective buyers on a walking tour of your listings.

2. Neighborhood Tours

Drive or walk through your community pointing out areas of interest like schools, businesses and parks.

3. Market Updates

Open up your web camera and give a weekly market update; include information like new listings, sold home prices, days on market, and absorption rate.

4. Sneak Peaks

Create a teaser video for an upcoming listing or open house. Show only a small part of the home and invite prospective buyers to see the rest at a showing or open house.

5. Agent Resume

Have a friend conduct a short interview asking you questions about your business and yourself. Post this short video on your website as an “About Me”.

6. Video Testimonials

Bring your camera to the closing and capture video testimonials from happy buyers and sellers.

7. Helpful Information

Create short informational videos on real estate related topics. Videos could be directed at for sale by owners, expired listings or homeowners who are in foreclosure.

Click here to learn more about creating a strong video and social media presence.

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Broadleaf Works With, Inc. on Virtualization Project to Improve Uptime and Performance

BURLINGTON, MA–(Marketwire – Nov 6, 2012) – Broadleaf (, a leader in designing and implementing vendor solutions for data storage, virtualization and WAN optimization, announced that, Inc. (RLS2000) engaged Broadleaf to consolidate their servers through virtualization as part of a solution to improve reliability, uptime, scalability and performance.

Read more of the press release from Yahoo! Finance

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Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Putting together a home emergency preparedness kit you hope never to use may seem like a waste of time and money. But when disasters happen that are beyond your control, you can take charge of how you respond.

Items for an emergency preparedness kit

Store all items in an easy-to-carry bag or suitcase that’s readily accessible. Make sure everyone in the family knows where it is and what it contains. If you need to evacuate your home quickly, here are the essentials you’ll need for a basic “grab and go” kit:

  • Water: One gallon per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation; double if you live in a very hot climate, have young kids, or are nursing. Bottled water is best, but you can also store tap water in food-grade containers or two-liter soda bottles that have been sanitized. Factor in your pet’s water needs, too.
  • Food: At least a three-day supply of non-perishables and a can opener. Pack protein, fruit, and vegetables, but make sure they’re in a form you actually like—it’s bad enough not to have access to fresh food without also having to subsist on nothing but canned tuna. Include treats like cereal bars, trail mix, and candy bars. Store food in pest-proof plastic or metal tubs and keep it in a cool, dry place.
  • Flashlights and extra batteries: Candles are not recommended because there are many house fires caused by candles left unattended.
  • First-aid supplies: Two pairs of sterile gloves, adhesive bandages and sterile dressings, soap or other cleanser, antibiotic towelettes and ointment, burn ointment, eye wash, thermometer, scissors, tweezers, petroleum jelly, aspirin or non-aspirin pain reliever, and stomach analgesics such as Tums or Pepto-Bismol, and a laxative.
  • Sanitation and hygiene supplies: Moist towelettes in sealed packets, paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags, and plastic ties. You might also want travel-size shampoo, toothpaste/toothbrush, and deodorant.
  • Radio or TV: Keep a portable, battery- or crank-operated radio or television and extra batteries to remain connected in case the power goes out, as well as an extra cell phone charger. You can buy an emergency radio online from the Red Cross.
  • Helpful extras: Duct tape, dust masks, a signal whistle, toys for kids.
  • Cash: Have at least $100 in your kit.

Tailor a emergency preparedness kit to your needs

Along with the basics like food and water, it’s important to have what you need for your particular situation. You may not need extra blankets in southern California, but you do need escape ladders in case of wildfire. And you’ll want extra blankets to survive a winter power outage in Maine.

Update your emergency preparedness kit regularly

Replace all food and water approaching its expiration date. Replace batteries. You might pick a specific time each year to check, such as before hurricane season in the south or after Thanksgiving if you live in the north.

Buy a pre-made kit

As an alternative to making your own kit, you can buy a fully stocked kit from the American Red Cross. A kit with a three-day supply of essentials for one adult costs $50 to $70.



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QR Code Generator now available for all customers

QR Code Generator now available for all customers who have MLS Property Finder! Simply log-in to your MLS Property Finder, go to the Update section, and then click on the QR Codes link. You can enter anything that your users can download or link to from a smart phone with a QR Code reader.

Watch our quick video tutorial on how to access and use the new QR Code Generator on MLS Property Finder:

Video –

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